The Agility Affluent Suite

The affluent are set to become one of the key priorities for companies seeking to gain market share.

Companies seeking to capitalise on their next stage of growth can no longer afford to ignore this important segment. Whether it be travel, financial services, healthcare, personal and home technology, or retail and shopping, the affluent consumer’s spending power traverses these categories.

The affluent are a distinct customer segment – they are more discerning in their choice of brands and demanding in their experiences of brands. They know what they want and they are empowered to seek out the brand that they believe will deliver the best experience.

Agility has studied in great detail the new generation to dominate the Asian landscape, Generation AAA. They are young – aged between 18 to 34. They dominate markets like China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam. They have the financial power and the ‘attitudinal and behavioural propensity’ to buy mid- to premium-priced brands. They are the super lucrative segment of the middle class – now and in the years to come.

Agility Research & Strategy is driven to help its clients understand the affluent across different cultures – whether they are in Asia, the Middle East, Europe or the Americas.

The Agility Affluent Suite™ is aimed at understanding the affluent’s path towards a purchase. At the same time, its solutions seek to uncover potential levers that can tilt the choice towards clients’ brands.

Agility has built up proprietary research to continuously measure the affluent pulse and their views about luxury and the world in general. It delivers more than just research reports – it delivers strategic advice to clients who seek to connect more deeply with affluent consumers and create a sustainable source of business value.

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