Hurun Report

Hurun Report publishes four magazines: Hurun Report is a monthly magazine targeted at the Chinese luxury consumer; Hurun Schools Guide comes out six times a year, targeted at parents looking to send their children to study abroad; Wings & Water, targeted at ultra-high net worth individuals with US$30 million and an interest in business jets and yachts; and Horse & Polo China is targeted at the fashionably interested in racing, polo and dressage.

Its two digital solutions include the Hurun App, ranked as the top business title on the Apple App Store, and the Hurun Schools Guide App.

Hurun Report holds 100 events a year, led by four flagship events in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Sanya. These events bring together 15,000 of China’s most influential entrepreneurs, luxury consumers and opinion leaders.

Since 1999, Hurun Report’s reporters and researchers have interviewed 1000s of entrepreneurs to create one of the foremost databases of high net worth individuals in China.

The Hurun China Rich List comes out each October, documenting the changes in the country’s wealthiest individuals and inspiring many young entrepreneurs to set out on their own. The Hurun Best of the Best ranks the brands and service providers for China’s richest, based on its proprietary Chinese Luxury Consumer Survey. The results are widely regarded as an ISO9000 for China’s luxury sector. The Hurun Art List ranks the top 100 Chinese artists alive today, based on the sales of their works at public auctions throughout the past year. In April, the Hurun Wealth Report identifies the number of millionaires broken down by region across China. In May, the Hurun China Philanthropy List ranks the most generous Chinese.

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