Iberia in-flight media

Ronda Magazine

Ronda Iberia is the on-board magazine of Spain’s leading airline and flag carrier. Each month in its pages, the new Ronda will visit the most exciting cities in the world, exploring their streets and talking to their people. We want to know how they live and what they do in their spare time. Our editorial breathes warmth and colour, and reflects the values of a modern Spain, cosmopolitan and open to the world.

Ronda was re-launched in November 2016 to better reflect Iberia’s passion for discovery. Ronda aims to be a ‘conversation with travellers’ says Jesus Huarte, Iberia editorial director. It describes a destination through the eyes of the locals giving exclusive insight into their culture and traditions.

Readership: 502,000 affluent readers with an average personal income of €63,310

Excelente Magazine

Distributed in Iberia’s business class cabin, Excelente is about fine living. With features covering renowned artists, watch makers and chefs, Excelente is a window into their creative minds.
•Written in both Spanish & English
•Monthly print run of 28,000 copies
•Average personal income of readers is €72,814*

In-flight Entertainment

Reach an influential audience in a relaxed state of mind while they catch up on the latest film releases and TV programmes. Ads limited to 120 seconds per
month. Place your advert in front of one of the most popular in-flight channels (pre-film). Ads will feature before blockbusters and Spanish
& international current releases.

Films: Average 2.9 million impressions per month
TV: Average 1.2 million impressions per month